Zipwhip is not just game changing, it’s life changing

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAr8AAAAJDcyMjMwMjdjLWI4YTMtNDlmYy04MWNmLTFhNmZlMTE1MWZhZQBy Erin Wilson, Financial Services Specialist

Three years ago, the course of my professional life changed when I made a big career move from the nonprofit world to the business sector and started working as an Account Executive at Zipwhip.

I have always been passionate about communication. I worked as a Special Education Teacher with children on the autism spectrum for over 15 years. I learned how to reach my students via the communication method that worked for them; whether it was verbal, visual, or play-based, I adapted the communication style to fit the student. This is no different than what businesses should be doing for their customers: speaking their language. That’s why I’m proud of the work we’re doing at Zipwhip.

Erin Wilson is on the board of directors for The Goodtimes Project, a Seattle nonprofit that provides free programs, including camp experiences, for children affected by pediatric cancer.

The concept is simple: We activate your existing business phone number to enable two-way texting. We make it easy for businesses to read, respond to, and archive messages on any internet-enabled device.

More than 80% of Americans text, making it the most popular cell phone activity. Texting your customers is like meeting them where they’re most comfortable. Credit unions that use Zipwhip save thousands of dollars collecting on delinquent accounts.

But it’s not just about the bottom line. It’s the underlying passion for communication in all forms that has impacted me on a personal and professional level. Recently, Hopeline Crisis Hotline activated Zipwhip texting on their local and toll-free numbers. They found that – with no promotion – people were already texting them. For their official launch last month, they simply updated the “text or call” prompt on their website. The hotline has found that they are being contacted by folks who had never called before – people in need of help. This isn’t just game changing. It’s life changing.

Hopeline’s website now reads “Call or Text,” making it easy for people in need to reach out securely and comfortably.

That’s why working at Zipwhip is so important to me. I brought the values I learned working in nonprofits with me into the office. When I started here, I believed texting could truly make a difference. I still believe that, and I’m always looking for ways to use texting for good.

– Erin

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