Ask a “Textpert”

“Textpert” Jace Treat landed yet another starring role, this time in a series of videos by our friends at Platypus.

In these short clips he shares fun facts and debunks common myths about texting. Is texting “just for kids”? Does using a period at the end of your sentence really make you sound upset? Watch to find out.

“My mom used to never text, but she now texts all the time because she wants to see her kids and grandkids who live across the country,” Jace said. “We live in such a busy world nowadays that convenience is more important than ever, and phone calls are just hard to fit in with a busy day.”

Relatable! But what does that mean for your business?

“Customers want to communicate, they want to ask questions, they want to get clarification on things. And they want to connect with a human – not a robot.”

Finally, they asked Jace, “What makes you a Textpert?”

“You should listen to me about texting because I’m part of the generation that texts all the time…”

But you don’t have to take Jace’s word for it. To see how Zipwhip can help your business save time and money, start your free trial today.


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