Zipwhip featured by American Dental Association

Our favorite Californian dentist, Dr. Jerry Lanier, was recently featured in Volume 5 of the ADA Product Guide. He shared why he chose Zipwhip texting for published landline numbers.

“In this age of texting and social media, we have found that people prefer to have us communicate in the manner they use on a daily basis. Zipwhip allows us to communicate with our patients in the least invasive way when and how they prefer to hear from us. It also allows us to know exactly what is said and how. In other words, it gives us more control over the process.”

Read the Full Issue Here.

LANIERWhen Dr. Lanier founded Kids Dental Kare, his mission was to help children overcome their anxiety of visiting the dentist. Having experienced poverty growing up, he knows how it feels to not have access to dental care. He now has opened 14 dental clinics across Southern California, and has opened his clinic to offer free treatment to low-income patients. Thanks for making Zipwhip a part of your practice, Dr. Lanier!

Zipwhip works with dental practices all over the country. To learn how Zipwhip can help your practice, contact Kelly Houtchens at 

Watch: Zipwhip Emerges as Top Choice for Dental Offices

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