GeekWire bash recap (hint: Texterator lives!)

When we first debuted Texterator at last year’s GeekWire Bash, we had some “technical difficulties.” The robot was malfunctioning, and CEO John Lauer pulled an all-nighter trying to get it to work. By that time, we were so fashionably late that Texterator didn’t arrive until the event was nearly over.

Texterator GW Gif

We didn’t want to make that mistake again, so this year, we came prepared. Robot Pro Ted Griebling was on-site to make sure everything ran smoothly with no malfunctions. And it did – people lined up all night to grab brews and take selfies with Texterator. Watch our recap video below:



To be clear, we’re a texting company – not a robot company. Why did we build a robotic bartender that laser-engraves your number onto a SOLO cup, takes a selfie with you, and then texts the photo to your phone? Because anything that can be text-enabled will be text-enabled. By us. (To see all the business numbers we’ve text-enabled, click here.)

Meanwhile, Team Zipwhip donned their bandannas, shorts, and swag to compete in the ping-pong, foosball, and dodgeball tournaments.



And don’t forget sumo wrestling…


_DSC4810 (1)-min.jpg


We had (a little too much) fun.



A big thanks to GeekWire, Ted, and everyone who made this year’s #GWBash a memorable one. Find your #Texterator selfie below!


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