Texting is uncool (and why that’s actually good for your business)

A Millennial’s Take on Texting

By Jennifer Karami

Eighty percent of millennials polled are waiting for the day when they can text a brand’s 1-800 number instead of calling. They want to do more than just reply to businesses with one-word responses, they desire a combination of both quick answers (such as yes, no, help) and longer, more natural text message conversations.

As a millennial, I feel qualified to speak on this. There are a whole lot of messaging apps out there, and I use ’em all: Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Texting. I’m no fortune teller, but if I had to bet money on it, I’d say there’s only one “killer app”, and it’s text messaging.

We may not be cool, but we sure are having fun.

Look, texting is definitely uncool. Forbes called us “less sexy” last year but they also called us “more impactful” in the same sentence. Being uncool is what makes texting so impactful. Everybody texts—it’s guaranteed to work, even uncool parents who definitely don’t have the latest app. My mom knows that if she wants a response she needs to text me, not call me, and businesses should take the hint.

What’s cool in the social media messaging world is constantly changing. Right now it’s Snapchat’s disappearing messages, Facebook Messenger’s stickers, and Instagram Stories, but who knows what they’ll think of next year? Millennials are going to use texting less and less as a social platform, but we’ll never stop using it for basic communication. Unlike trendy social media apps, texting is here to stay (it’s been around for a quarter-century already).

At Zipwhip, we love texting and we’re not afraid to show it. We’re taking steps to protect texting into the far-reaching future, keeping it the most reliable form of communication and safeguarding against spam. There will be plenty of cool new messaging apps, but texting isn’t going anywhere.

One thought

  1. I agree, texting is a very powerful tool and it is highly used in business. Texting makes the interaction between the clients and you more clear and effective that lowers the chances of misunderstandings.

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