Travel with Zipwhip

case-study_sky-tours_anthonyAs we grow as a company, we love to see the creative and exciting ways businesses use texting. This week, we’re showcasing Sky Tours and Travel, Inc. – a bilingual travel agency based in Los Angeles.

Deals come and go fast. A $300 flight to Italy won’t last long, and customers want to know right away. They’d be upset if they found out too late. But trying to reach them all by phone isn’t efficient.

With Zipwhip, Sky Tours can create groups of customers based on their intended travel destination. Then, when cheap tickets to Italy (sticking with the example) become available, they can simply send a group text to everyone in the Europe group.


Read more about how Sky Tours reduced call volume and saved time.

Travelers have become accustomed to instant feedback regardless of where they are. Zipwhip texting allows agencies to bridge that gap by giving your business phone number the ability to send and receive texts. Now instead of having to call in and wait on hold, travelers can simply text their agent directly about anything from billing information to questions about plane tickets.

For more information please text or call Anthony Benavides at (206) 582- 3752 or email him at



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