How does Zipwhip text-enable a landline?

How Zipwhip works

How does Zipwhip text-enable a business number? Is there anything I need to install? Will there be any hidden fees on my phone bill? Do I need to notify my voice provider first?

These are common questions we receive. To answer them, we think it would be valuable to explain how Zipwhip enables text messaging on your business number.

How does Zipwhip enable an existing number?

Most people are accustomed to both voice and text routing to the same mobile device and think they’re linked together, but in fact the voice and text networks for wireline numbers are managed independently.

This means that the landline itself does not receive the text, rather it is the phone number. the phone number functions as an address that leads to two different destinations. Voice calls are still sent to the desktop phone, but incoming text messages are sent instead to Zipwhip’s software.

Our agreements allow us to text-enable most business numbers assigning the text routing to our SPID (Service Provider Identifier). We validate that the owner of the number has given us permission to act as their text message provider. After number verification, we then start the process of provisioning a number.

Is there anything I need to install?

No. We provide everything you need the moment you sign up.

We offer a web, desktop, and mobile apps to access your messages wherever you are. Zipwhip comes ready to use, with no hardware to buy, no upfront investment, and no recruiting software developers. All you have to do is log in to the Zipwhip website and send a message. It’s intuitive for even the least tech-savvy of users.

Think of your phone number as an email address; All your emails are sent to the same destination, but you’re able to access them on your computer, tablet, smartphone, watch–any device with an Internet connection. Just like Gmail offers you a way to read and respond to these emails, we provide the platform that allows you to send and receive messages.

Will there be any hidden fees on my phone bill?


Zipwhip works as an add-on to any existing non-wireless phone number, which means a business can upgrade its existing phone number without contacting or interrupting their voice service provider.


Zipwhip is a text messaging provider that routes text messaging traffic originating from a wireless phone number, and sent to an existing landline or toll-free phone number, without any impact on your existing voice services or equipment. Zipwhip makes it possible for consumers to reach out to businesses via text as naturally as they do with their friends and family.

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