Staying connected

Our connections are what bind us. Recently I came upon an article that made a great case for daily letter writing. It said, reach out to people from your past, write them a letter. If you catch yourself thinking of a funny moment shared between you and a friend, write that down and send it to them. All you have to say is, “I’m thinking of you.” Make a habit out of this and not only will you feel better, you’ll make someone else’s day.

The same principal applies to the business world. You don’t have to hand-write a letter to all your clients (a text will do!), but following up with old customers can help build great rapport and differentiate your business from the masses. Plus, it shows you care. Sales and marketing are often so focused on lead generation and developing new territory that we don’t give our long-time customers the attention they deserve, or worse, let them slip through the cracks.

In a Forbes article titled Acquiring New Customers Is Important, But Retaining Them Accelerates Profitable Growth, Larry Myler writes,”It’s a lot less expensive to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one.” How true!

A follow up text can be something quick and simple, like, “Hey Mark, just checking in. We enjoyed seeing you at the studio last week. How are your fitness goals coming along? We’re here if you need anything!”


If you want to establish a habitual follow up strategy with old clients, here are a few tips from Myler:

  • The text strategy should be used for the purpose of staying connected to existing customers, not making sales to new customers
  • Don’t use the system to sell anything to your existing customers—if you connect, they will buy
  • Communicate gratitude for your customers’ business more than once, and not just when they buy
  • Validate your customers—their importance, their hard work and their value, and do it consistently over an extended period of time
  • Make your messages personal to customers, using their first name and highlighting something special about them with each communication

This is such a simple thing to do to show your customers gratitude. With Zipwhip, it’s as easy as sending a text. So give it a try! They will be sure to remember it.

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