Text or call: One number does it all

In today’s mobile-centric world, businesses must meet consumers’ needs anytime, anywhere. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets has led to a new consumer that demands real-time conversations in moments that shape their decision-making. These conversations are commonly referred to as “Micro-Moments,” critical touchpoints when consumers inititate dialogue with a brand.

Micro-Moments are increasingly happening over landline and toll free texting, but few are getting the message. However, those that are texting are winning new business, strengthening loyalty, and cementing themselves on the most valuable real estate: consumers’ texting app. Zipwhip has put together a guide to help you win the shift to business texting.

This FREE white paper includes: Conversational Texting

  • The 3 Keys to mobile success
  • Case studies from Zipwhip customers
  • Next step best practices for integrating texting into your mobile and marketing strategies

Consumers want options. And if your business relies on a landline or toll free number, you could be reaching more people by providing the choice to “Call or Text.” With Zipwhip, one number can now do it all.      Download the white paper here:

Conversational Texting

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