We called it. Click-to-text is blowing up Adwords.

Our ears are burning.

Like any other business, Zipwhip follows digital advertising and inbound marketing trends so we can drive more traffic to our website. Imagine our surprise when we started reading about how the hot new thing in digital ads is… texting, or in other words Zipwhip!

Search Engine Land broke the news about the latest Google AdWords beta: click-to-message. The article features screenshots of Zipwhip’s own search ads with one-click CALL and TEXT buttons.

Then, ROI Revolution published Google AdWords Click-to-Text Campaigns Show Huge Potential, again using Zipwhip as the example. The article goes more in depth about why business texting is such a huge deal, and this quote nails it:

“Has there ever been a time in your life that you’ve actually been excited to contact customer service at a company? Yeah, didn’t think so. This new call-to-action (CTA) of texting is going to have a huge impact on advertising.” – ROI Revolution

Click-to-text is revolutionizing digital ads. Having a text option lowers the barrier to entry for new customers, driving up mobile click-through rates by 265% compared with a phone call button alone!

Here’s how it’s working for us:

1 – We embedded a TEXT call-to-action in all our AdWords campaigns. The back end is supported by Zipwhip’s own conversational texting software.


2 – Clicking the TEXT button in the ad opens up the smartphone’s native messaging app with a pre-canned message ready to go.


3 – Potential customers send the text to our main business number, where they can join a conversation with a member of our sales team. 


The experience is totally seamless, connecting any mobile browser with any smartphone’s native messaging app. There’s nothing for customers to install and nothing new to learn. It’s just like texting a friend.

Google hasn’t weighed in, but given how much excitement click-to-text is generating, it’s only a matter of time until Google opens it up to everybody. AdWords is just the beginning. Think of all the places a click-to-text button could go: banner ads, mobile websites, email signatures. Really, any “contact us” widget should support text.

This is way bigger than click-to-call. All of you are going to need robust business texting software before you know it.

On a cell phone? If so, click here to text us: 855-947-9447.

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