Customers are texting you: a consumer survey

Your mobile phone rings, but you don’t recognize the number. How do you respond?Consumer Mobile Survey Chances are, you don’t pick it up.

Zipwhip wanted to learn more about consumer preferences regarding business texting and phone calls, so we conducted a nation-wide survey of over 1,500 adults.

What did we find?

  • Customers are 7x more likely to text back after receiving a voicemail
  • 84% of consumers don’t answer calls from unknown numbers
  • 94% of consumers don’t respond to voicemails from unknown numbers
  • 37% of consumers would rather text with a business than speak on the phone

Until recently, texting wasn’t essential. It gave you a competitive advantage, but you could get by without it, relying on the “necessary evil” of phone calls and voicemails. That’s no longer true. If you don’t support texting today, you’re out of touch with your customers.

Our comprehensive survey explains:

  • How calling your customers can hurt the way they perceive your brand
  • Why major institutions like J.P. Morgan have abandoned voicemail in their offices
  • Why the millennial generation (ages 18-34) thinks texting is the future

For more helpful data and statistics, download the full white paper here:

Business Texting Survey

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