Fonality now offers business texting, powered by Zipwhip

Fonality, the innovative provider of business phone systems and integrated communication solutions,  is the latest provider to offer Zipwhip texting as a part of their service. Fonality’s Zipwhip integration is another step towards streamlining enterprise communication and enhancing relationships with their customers.

“Zipwhip is already extremely popular among our insurance customers, and the response across industries during beta has been unprecedented,” says Ali Rizvi, Fonality’s director of product management.

Fonality customers use a unique task manager called the Heads Up Display™. Fonality prides themselves on creating a “unified communications” experience (UC). The recent addition of Zipwhip texting to the HUD makes the user experience particularly robust and forward-thinking.

“No one is better at true UC, a term we plan to redefine this year with new offerings like Zipwhip,” Rizvi says.

More than just an affordable add-on, the addition of Zipwhip underscores the shift many businesses are making to landline and toll free texting. Increasingly, we find that texting is often the principle communication method of choice for businesses and their customers. Zipwhip applauds Fonality for recognizing this, and looks forward to widespread adoption and warm customer reception.

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