Frontier texting powered by Zipwhip named Best in Class

A win for Frontier is a win for Zipwhip! Frontier Texting, a business texting service powered by Zipwhip, received the Best in Class Marketing award by the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) for “teams and companies that demonstrate innovation or excellence in marketing broadband services.”

In 2014, Frontier Communications became the first tier-1 landline operator to text enable their voice lines. Last month, Frontier Communications acquired all Verizon landline related assets in California, Texas, and Florida. This acquisition allowed Frontier to absorb 3.7 million new customers that can now add texting to their existing business phone number.

“Frontier Communications is a true innovator. From a customer experience standpoint, they understood that businesses need to support the communication preferences of their customers, and that texting needed to be part of that equation,” Zipwhip CMO John Larson says. “We’re proud of them for winning this award.”

Frontier last year also made texting available to residential customers. This option is now available to all voice line residential subscribers.   There is a huge amount of brand equity in a business telephone number. Customers are familiar with it. Some businesses have had the same phone number for nearly a century. In a day and age where customers are reluctant to pick up the phone, adding texting to that number ensures that businesses don’t miss out on unsolicited texts from their customers.

Zipwhip looks forward to continued growth with Frontier Texting as consumers increasingly expect the ability to text businesses.

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