Texterator: the world’s first text-enabled kegerator

There’s a new bartender in Seattle, and she wants your phone number. In fact, it’s the only way she’ll serve you a beer. Her name is Texterator, and she’s the world’s first text-enabled kegerator.

At Thursday’s GeekWire 5th Anniversary Bash , Texterator stole the show. Thirsty attendees simply texted ‘BEER’ to her toll free phone number, the same way they’d text a friend. She then send a reply message to the patron, rotated to the next available cup, and started the pouring process.


Texterator was serving up a steady stream of orders, tipping each red Solo cup at just the right angle to fill it with beer and cap it with foam. After each beer was done, she etched the last four digits of the person’s mobile phone number into the cup using…



After lifting the beer off her tray, Texterator snapped a selfie with her new BFF and texted them a copy.


Texterator is a robot with attitude. If a patron ordered too many drinks in a row, she sent them a text message to inform them not to exceed two beers an hour.

Marrying Seattle’s second-favorite beverage with Zipwhip’s business texting software seemed like a perfect way to showcase the untapped power of texting, and it’s taking the media by storm.

“I at least hope the robot apocalypse begins with a tiny brobot bring us beers in red solo cups,” quipped BroBible.com in a write-up that named Texterator, “probably the best invention ever!!!”

Event attendees compared Zipwhip favorably with their bigger neighbor in downtown Seattle. Watching the Zipwhip team set up, Loren O’Laughlin told GeekWire, “If this works, that’s better than Amazon Prime.”

Zipwhip isn’t going into the robot business any time soon, but our software lets businesses send and receive texts from their existing phone number. With a beerbot behind the bar, texts replace long lines and wait times. The same principles have transformed reception desks, logistics companies, and call centers into highly efficient, modern communication hubs. With Zipwhip, waiting on hold is a thing of the past.

This fun project was also an opportunity to showcase the unique features Zipwhip has achieved in just the last year, which include MMS picture messaging, delivery receipts, and high throughput texting for high-volume traffic.

And it was of course a perfect reason to drink beer and shoot LASERS!

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