Zipwhip and OpenMarket Show That Consumers Are Texting Toll Free Support Lines


OpenMarket, a leading provider of enterprise messaging solutions, is now working with Zipwhip to deliver texting on toll free to the largest enterprise customers in North America. Together, we are delivering rich data to the industry that proves that consumers are texting toll free support lines without ever being exposed to a texting call-to-action—they’re doing it completely unsolicited. More so, over 50% of the attempted messages were sent to Fortune 100 financial services companies.

Zipwhip is thrilled that leading enterprise messaging providers like OpenMarket are actively helping businesses get the message. Texting is too ingrained in our daily communication for toll free customer service numbers not to support the medium. Based on the adoption rate we’re seeing today, it’s our expectation that consumers will come to expect that they can text any toll free number. This means that more messages will be sent and even more messages will be lost unless that business has their number text enabled.

You can read the full press release here.

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