Zipwhip Partners With Beasley Media Group


We are proud to announce that Zipwhip has partnered with Beasley Media Group to bring text messaging to radio stations across the country. Beasley Media Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Beasley Broadcast Group, operates 53 stations in 12 different markets. Zipwhip has initially text-enabled 18 of those stations using their existing call-in request or studio line numbers.

As opposed to short codes, our technology allows listeners to communicate with a station using the number that they already know. Beasley Vice President of Digital Product Development Kimberly Sonneborn immediately realized the benefits of using Zipwhip. After turning on the service, Sonneborn saw that their listeners were already trying to text them, and they just couldn’t see it. Texting is not only an effective way to engage with listeners, it can also open up sponsorship opportunities for stations.

Click here if you’d like to read the press release:

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