Forbes on Zipwhip – “less sexy, more impactful”


It’s not everyday you wake up to an article in Forbes stating that your business is “slightly less sexy, but arguably more impactful” than multi-billion dollar super-hot startups. Although startup stardom is nice to have, we’re more interested in building a sustainable industry with consistent revenue growth. Forbes puts their own spin on Zipwhip’s disruption “from within” and the opportunity we created.

Forbes contributor Ben Kepes wrote an article about Zipwhip titled “Helping Fight Against Disruption– Zipwhip Avoids the ‘Uber Syndrome.'” Kepes, who covers how technology helps business compete, wrote about how disruption can come within incumbent industry leaders, using the examples of the popular app Uber and regular cab companies. Cab companies were caught off guard by the unanticipated popularity of rideshare apps and are fighting tooth and nail to keep their market share. Although these cab companies were previously unreceptive to integrating new technologies, they are increasing seeking solutions like Zipwhip to stay ahead of fierce competition.

To read the article, click here.

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