7 Things You Need to Know on E2P Texting

With the unveiling of texting on toll free numbers last year came a lot of questions on how it’s different from texting on local 10-digit numbers. A new category of texting referred to as Enterprise-to-Person (E2P) has taken form and is heavily powered by Zipwhip’s emphasis on modernizing the SMS medium for consumer to business texting.

If you’re a business with a call center and specifically a business promoting a toll free support line, you have a requirement to support high volume texting—it’s not an option. E2P texting services gives you the ability to support this traffic on your toll free number with 1000 SMS/second throughput, which is vastly different from the legacy inter-carrier limitations of 1 SMS/second on local 10-digit numbers. This advancement is made possible via Zipwhip’s direct connectivity into wireless operators for this new type of SMS traffic.

The following table shows the 7 things you need to know on the core differences between E2P and P2P texting.

table as picture 2

Review full presentation by clicking through the slides below.

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