Zipwhip Lasso’s For-Hire Transportation at TLPA in San Antonio



This past week, we sent two of Zipwhip’s finest, Kelsey and Dan, down to the Taxicab, Limousine, & Paratransit Association (TLPA) Conference with our trusty work horse, the Textpresso , and our brand spanking new text enabled photo booth. From app developers, to dispatch software big shots, to the nation’s leading transportation providers, all took the old dusty trail down to San Antonio for the event to meet with the titans of the for-hire transport industry.

The place was buzzing with representatives looking for tools and ideas to compete with the likes of Uber and rideshare companies. Companies like Uber have changed the way consumers and the entire industry think about communication with each other, and we want in on the race.

Zipwhip’s cloud texting solutions help to unlock the mobile-for-hire capabilities that cab companies need to keep pace in a rapidly changing industry. With the vast majority of landlines trapped with voice-only functionality, Zipwhip was proud to represent the mobile-for-hire solutions that the industry’s mobile savvy clientele have come to expect.

Kelsey and Dan got to share the success we’ve had with our transportation partners like Black Crown, Ambassador, and Yellow Cabs of Nashville and Sacramento with many other transportation companies. These companies saw an opportunity to take advantage of their heavily-leveraged existing phone numbers, and we wanted to offer other companies the same opportunity.

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