KEXP Now Taking Your Text Donations

For the first time ever, Zipwhip is powering a radio station with the ability to let listeners text to donate. Texting to donate is accessible and convenient for so many people that this could be the next big thing for radio fundraising efforts. KEXP is the local radio darling of the University of Washington and has a soft spot in most Seattleites’s hearts, so we’re thrilled to be working with them on this breakthrough.

KEXP recently launched their annual Fall Fundraising Drive with the ability to text in a keyword to donate. The Fall Fundraising Drive is an effort to drive the idea of a “listener powered radio” home (pun intended) and really engage listeners to participate and give to their community-run organization.

If you’re curious, here’s a quick run down on how it works:

1. Text ‘Give’ to KEXP at (206) 903-KEXP.

KEXP text

2. Click on the link to select your donation preference. (KEXP really took advantage of their mobile optimized page by integrating with text donations!)

kexp donate

3. Enter your credit card information to complete the donation.

payment info

In one week, 77 KEXP listeners contributed a total of $2262, far exceeding expectations for text messaging donations. As radio stations move into a more digital sphere, text messaging is quickly proving to increase donations through mobile fundraising. Texting makes it easier than ever before for listeners to support their favorite radio stations in a matter of seconds.

Find out more about Zipwhip for radio at

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