Zipwhip celebrates Seafair in style


At the beginning of  the month, the Zipwhip team was honored  with an invitation to a Sunday Seafair party by noted friend of Zipwhip, Jay Westerdal.

Jay, Icy, and their adorable daughter Coral welcomed members of the Zipwhip team, their family, and friends to their lovely home, complete with tiki bar, on Mercer Island.

While the Eastside employees braved traffic on I-90, the Seattle-based employees arraigned other transportation. Head of Sales and Business Development, Lucas Price, was kind enough to ferry the Westsiders and a delicious spread from Ohana Restaurant in Belltown on his boat from West Lake Union to the Westerdal’s welcoming abode. The Zipwhip team ate, drank, and mingled, celebrating a summer of hard fought successes.  Our gracious hosts and their adorable new daughter set a celebratory and relaxed tone that everyone enjoyed even more than the front row seats for the Blue Angels.

After swimming, swilling, sunning, and sufficient time on the water trampoline, the sated Zipwhip crew assembled the troops and took the boat across Lake Washington back to Seattle.

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