Zipwhip polishes crisdental’s patient communication



In customer communications, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Dr. Michael Bratland, a dentist and owner of crisdental, a practice with five locations in Oregon, has been looking for ways to better contact and engage his practice’s large customer base. With multiple offices that each see 30-40 patients a day, the time spent making routine appointment confirmation phone calls and the subsequent phone tag was adding up. “Ever since I started my dental office, I knew it was inefficient to communicate just by calling patients.”

By text enabling his landline with Zipwhip, the Crisdental staff was able to integrate texting into their everyday workflow. It was important for Dr. Bratland to “use the number I have now and allow patients to text.” One thing that surprised Bratland, was that once patients learned they could text the number, “then they would start to ask about bills, and setting their next appointment. It just has become very efficient.”

Crisdental has unlocked the immediate, convenient, and  personal medium of Zipwhip peer-to-peer business texting. By allowing patients to communicate via text, Crisdental has been able to avoid cancellations and also fill cancelled appointments more effectively than with voice service alone. Bratland sums up the ease and efficiency of integrating business texting when he shares “my staff loves Zipwhip, it has made their lives so much easier.”


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