New Press Release: Zipwhip is Transforming Customer Service for the National Restaurant Association


Zipwhip is proud to announce that we are working with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to improve customer support for its 40,000+ members.

The NRA reported an 80% decrease in the number of voicemails in the first 90 days of using the service. Additionally, they are now seeing an average 10% of members now choosing texting to the NRA’s Toll Free number as the most preferred communication for support related issues.

A recent survey of NRA members showed an approval rating of 4.9 out of 5 for the Zipwhip toll free texting service. We’ve seen improvements to customer service attributable to various different factors, including:

  • Shorter hold time
  • Reduced call abandonment
  • Multiple support representatives can log in to view text conversations in real time
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and engagement

Learn more about the benefits Zipwhip provides by reading our press release.

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