Zipwhip Powers Express Employment Professionals


As the largest privately owned staffing agency in the US, Express Employment Professionals has a simple mission: to fill positions for their clients. Fast. The professionals waiting to fill these roles need to be reached quickly to fill last minute openings due to sickness or any other unforeseen circumstances. Utilizing text messaging is helping many independently owned and operated Express locations improve efficiency. Utilizing Zipwhip allows Express recruiters to text associates from their existing landline number. Unlike short codes, the communication is bi-directional and texts can be composed from a keyboard, not just by pecking on a mobile phone.

Before Zipwhip, recruiters at an Express location made phone calls to each temp employee one call at a time or used robotic IVR calling. After Zipwhip is implemented at a location, the recruiter sends text messages on their desktop to multiple associates at one time through the existing office line utilizing Zipwhip’s group texting feature. The response rate improves to more than 3x compared to  voice mail and it takes seconds instead of minutes to confirm. That’s because associates recognize the number and they prefer to respond to text vs. voice. It’s a simple solution that utilizes a high priority medium to solve a problem.

Below you can see what Express franchise managers and owners are saying about our service. You can also click the link to read the press release about the Zipwhip/Express partnership. If you have a business, you should utilize texting. Head to to sign up today for a 14 day free trial.

“Most of our communication with our associates is already moving to text messaging. It sounds like Zipwhip could be the tool to accelerate inefficiencies.”
-Express Franchise Owner

“I can’t even spell correctly on my mobile keypad and it takes to long. I love texting from my desktop keyboard at 60 words a minute…takes seconds!”
-Express Front Office Manager

“My Employees love Zipwhip, my associates respond better, we are able to better serve our employers…Zipwhip rocks!”
-Express Franchise Owner

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