Zipwhip’s First Commercial


Don’t change that channel. We’ve just finished creating our first TV commercial and we can’t wait for you to see it! The 30 second spot is now airing on a number of different news stations targeting small/medium business owners.

Any business marketer who has gone through this creative process knows just how exciting it is to finally present your brand to so many potential customers. Being on-air allows us to promote the benefits of our service to the people who will benefit from it most; business managers and owners that have always wanted to text from their existing business number. Recent data shows that consumers would rather receive a text from their chiropractor reminding them of an appointment, or text their mechanic to check on the status of their vehicle repair vs. receiving a phone call that usually goes unanswered. With Zipwhip landline texting, this is now a reality.

We’re offering a great service, that much we know. Now it’s time to get the word out so that you as the consumer can finally text your favorite businesses. Conversely, if you manage a business and want to utilize our service to better communicate with your customers, use promo code TEXTMYBIZ to get 10% off your first year of service.

Visit for more details, and join us on facebook for all of the latest Zipwhip happenings.

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