Privacy Mode

Do you love the desktop app, but worry about a text message popping up on your screen during a presentation or when you’re showing off something on your computer? That’s why we have a privacy mode option. Activation is simple and ensures that you can comfortably command a presentation or leave your desk without the fear of a message bubble appearing. Steps: Click on the Zipwhip logo in the system tray of your computer (a), click on privacy mode inside the box (b) and you’re good to go. Notice that our logo is dimmed when privacy mode is on (c).





-The Zipwhip Team

7 thoughts

  1. I have yet to add this service to our phones,I want to but after I activate it through Sprint I want to know if all phones on my plan will receive info that the svc has been added?? I’m curious and want to monitor all the phones on my plan but I do not want the kids to know we have it and can see exactly what they’re texting.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      With Web Texter Plus you will be able to monitor each of your children’s text message conversations individually. To upgrade from Web Texter to Web Texter Plus, you’ll need to create an individual Sprint log in and password for each phone and log in to the Web Texter portal at From there you can upgrade to Web Texter Plus from the banner ad at the bottom of the screen. You’ll need to do this with each phone.
      Once each phone is equipped with Web Texter Plus, Zipwhip uploads 10 of the most recent text messages from 10 of the most recent conversations on the phone. From that point forward all text conversations from the phone will be synced with the Web Texter portal. You can access the portal with the corresponding Sprint credentials and monitor the messaging activity from your computer. I hope this answers your question.



  2. Does signing up for web texter notify the phone number in which you want to monitor texts, such as my child’s phone?

  3. Sometimes when I am on my Sprint phone and go to the My Services Tab the messaging app is not there. Does that mean someone else is on it?

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