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Zipwhip’s cloud texting lets you send & receive text messages from your computer using your main mobile number. Cloud texting. Pure and simple.

We’re happy to announce that our Linux desktop app is ready for download! This project was a full-on team effort complete with all the difficulties of a Linux build, so the launch comes with an especially big sigh of relief. As I mentioned in the video, Zipwhip is a Linux-based platform and there was no chance of us not supporting our beloved desktop app for the Linux OS. Saying that, we’re waiting with open arms for all your feedback and hope that together we can make this app even more powerful in the coming months. For now, please go to the Zipwhip homepage to download the app. Thanks for your support.

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    1. Hi Fernando, thanks for checking out our blog. Zipwhip is a text messaging company. We let you send and receive text messages across all of your connected devices using your main mobile number. We don’t reiterate what we do in every blog post because we have an “about” button at the top of our blog that describes our service and links to our homepage and social channels. Also, we have a lot of regular readers who know what we do and use the blog as a way to keep up with our latest releases and other company news. We are more than happy to answer questions individually though, so if you have a further comments/questions don’t hesitate to respond here or email us at Thanks again for your support.

  1. Out of interest, can I have the ZipWhip desktop app installed on two different machines – say a Win7 machine and an Ubuntu machine – linked to the same Android device/account? If so, would a message read on one desktop be marked as read on both the device *and* the other desktop client?

    1. You nailed it. Our app absolutely 100% allows for that. It’s part of our fundamental design to move your texting to the cloud. You could have our desktop app installed on 100 machines and when you mark it as read on one machine, the bubble automatically fades out on the other 99 computers in real-time. It’s actually quite amazing to watch.

  2. Out of curiosity… are there any plans to introduce a feature set that would include the ability to remove the automatically inserted “Sent via Zipwhip” tag? Perhaps either through a premium offering, or just for the good old fashioned helluvit?

      1. Please check it out and let us know. We’d love to pass that information on to others looking for a solution, at least until our dev portal is done and another option is available.

    1. We’re working on our dev portal right now. At that point we hope that outside developers would be interested in furthering the reach of the Linux app. Again, we’re supporters of Linux and we chose to support it because of our passion for the OS, not because we thought it was going to bring in millions of users. We hope it can be a collaborative effort in the end.

  3. I really like your app!, I’m running Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit, installed the app but I have no icon on my system tray nor unity’s menu.

    The app works, since I see the notifications when I get a new message… I can also reply them by clicking the bubble, but I can’t send new texts (super+z doesn’t work either).
    Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?


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