Textspresso Mania Illustrates Power of Cloud Texting

The above video is an unedited look at KOMO’s Molly Shen interviewing our own John Lauer.

Things might never be the same in the Zipwhip offices again. Our Textspresso machine has caught the attention of coffee drinkers everywhere. This past Monday we brought the first ever text-enabled espresso machine into our office. For the entire afternoon and evening the machine was pieced together. The following day it took some last minute programming and a touch of manual labor (that’s right, manual labor at a tech company) to get the machine operational and shined up for an afternoon visit from GeekWire’s John Cook.

Just before John arrived we got the machine grinding beans and pouring high octane java via text message. John ended up staying for several hours. His non-stop energy made him a lot of fun to be around. As the co-founder of GeekWire, the source for tech news in the Seattle area, it’s very obvious he loves what he does. After a full demo of the Textspresso machine he took in a demonstration of our cloud-texting service. His article on our geeky creation went live on Thursday morning around 10:00 a.m. After that things got a little nutty.

By Friday morning the story was picking up steam. Our one-of-a-kind machine was featured on NBC’s bay area online affiliate and engadget. That’s when Seattle’s own KOMO News came calling. They interviewed John Lauer for a 2:30 KOMO News Radio 97.7 spot and featured the Textspresso coverage as a lead-in story for the evening news with Molly Shen. The video of that segment can be seen here. Since then #textspresso has gone global on twitter and we’re left scratching our heads as to what people are saying about our company from across the world.

We’ll have our own video featuring Textspresso early next week on this blog. We can’t wait to show you how gorgeous and unique this thing is. Until then we have a friendly reminder; We don’t sell Textspresso machines. We are a cloud texting company. That means you can text-message seamlessly across all of your devices from your main mobile number. If you have an Android powered phone, go to the Zipwhip homepage to download our free service today.

“I think this is the coolest invention in terms of geek culture and coffee culture colliding. It’s awesome.” – John Cook

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    1. If you have an Android device you can find our app in the “Google Play” app store. As part of the registration process you will need to go to zipwhip.com. The entire process should take around 5 minutes. If you have any problems please contact info@zipwhip.com or go to our facebook page at facebook.com/zipwhip. Let us know what you think!

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