U.S. Cellular Launches Web To Text Powered By Zipwhip



We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with U.S. Cellular. This partnership allows all U.S. Cellular customers access to a co-branded version of Zipwhip’s web texting portal. The portal is accessible from the U.S. Cellular website or by going directly to uscellular.com/webtotext. Customers can now send text messages to friends and family on all major U.S. mobile networks.  More of the benefits and details are available in a press release that went out yesterday.

As you watch this video you’ll notice how incredibly fast and easy it is to send a text from you computer–that’s the beauty of U.S. Cellular Web To Text. Cristy Burgan, our VP of Sales, introduces the video. She played a big role in bringing this partnership to life, so it was very fitting to include her in this blog. Congrats to her and the rest of the Zipwhip and U.S. Cellular team members. This is another way that cloud texting is making communication better.

2 thoughts

  1. Texting from the web. Is this seriously news in the US of A! Am I in a decade long timewarp? We have been able to do this with most of our mobile phone carriers in Australia and New Zealand for years!!!

    The coffee machine is cool tho!

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