Zipwhip Boss Man Comes Home



Last Friday we finally got to pick up Boss Man from Metrix: Create Space. He turned out absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Boss Man and two other characters (Androgyny Woman and Library Girl) were created by WINTR for our consumer launch video this past December. We got such a kick out of the characters that we decided to bring them to life. Boss Man is our favorite character, thanks in large part to his gruff demeanor and rad haircut. His mustache is nothing to scoff at either. In order to stay in his good graces we decided that he should be the first one up. Right now he’s mean mugging the entire office and signing pink slips. We hope to have the rest of the characters alongside him soon.

To really attach these characters to the Zipwhip brand we did something unique. Instead of using something boring and standard, we implemented these characters as our stock avatar. Thanks for being a part of this creative process. Let us know what you think of the finished product. We think it’s been well worth the wait.

Boss Man says to get back to work. Turns out he needs you to come in this Saturday, too.

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