Zipwhip Attends GeekWire Summit



On Wednesday we joined tech industry luminary Ray Ozzie, Hulu CTO Richard Tom and 500 other industry taste-makers at the GeekWire Summit in downtown Seattle to talk tech and celebrate GeekWire’s 1st birthday. The event featured fireside chats and panels that covered everything from the new iPad, to the future of television. The summit portion of the day went from 1:00-5:00, and was followed by a birthday party that featured a “dev-licious” signature cocktail, killer food (more sliders please) and plenty of lively conversation. Things went from business to pleasure in 60 seconds after the last panel of the day. That’s when Presidents of the United States of America member Dave Dederer decided to serenade the GeekWire team with a spruced up version of Happy Birthday, following a few sips of wine.

The event was a great opportunity to celebrate the success of a fellow startup. More than relying on GeekWire to stay informed on the latest trends and breaking news from our industry, companies like ours benefit a great deal from the exposure the site offers. A story featured on GeekWire provides reach beyond that of many company blogs and generates interest in technology among the greater public. It was pleasure to take part in the celebration. So to John Cook, Todd Bishop, Johnathan Sposato and the rest of the team, Happy Birthday. May there be many more to come.

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