That Zipwhip Magic Moment



There’s one thing about Zipwhip that gets our CMO John Larson particularly excited. It’s what he’s been calling “that magic moment.” Actually, he’s been singing about it too. Since we’re all getting tired of him butchering The Drifters hit song “This Magic Moment” we decided to get him on film explaining what he’s talking about. As John recaps in this video, we’ve got a stellar web app and a great tablet app. What really gets him going though, is our desktop app. It will completely change the way you think about text messaging.

That “magic moment” when the text bubble pops right onto your screen will make you wonder why you didn’t download the app sooner. Responding to your incoming texts is as easy as clicking on the text bubble and typing out your response. Whether it’s at work, or when you’re checking out your facebook timeline in the evening, this app allows you to easily unchain text messaging from your mobile device.

Face it, you’ll never be able to fire out text messages on your qwerty or touch screen as fast as Ha Mok-min, the former text messaging world champion. But with the help of Zipwhip’s desktop app and a keyboard, you’ll be whipping out responses in seconds flat. Get your texts in real time and respond in a flash with Zipwhip.

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