Zipwhip Cloud Texting Is Convenient And Useful



Zipwhip cloud texting is convenient and easy to use. On top of that it’s free. Everyone in our office is passionate about text messaging. We know a lot of you are as well. Zipwhip makes it easier and quicker for you to send and receive text messages across your devices. Whether you are like Russ and have an old phone that always seems to be charging, or you’re like Michael and want to stay in touch with your parents, we’ve got your back. Text messaging is continuing to get more popular. Why not make your messages as easy to access as email?

2 thoughts

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to have been using the beta version for a while. I became addicted to it as I could ‘text’ anywhere in the world. I could also seamlessly move between my phone and computer for messages.

    It’s easier to ‘text’ using my computer keyboard and it provides a better experience since I can see a large visual trail of my correspondence. I can also easily send a group message. I MUCH prefer to use this than my phone for messages.

    Additionally, it’s blended into Sprint (my carrier) and works as a package in their website.

  2. I just learned about these cool liltte gadgets today! I am totally psyched about them! It’s everything I wanted a blackberry before without the huge price tag and data packages that are way more than I need.

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