The Startup Conference-Seattle, “Project Frothy”



The Startup Conference Seattle, Project “Frothy”

February 16th, 2012

As a startup it’s critical to not only execute ideas, but to once in a while pull a white fluffy rabbit out of you’re a**, I mean hat—that’s what happened yesterday at The Startup Conference in Seattle, WA. On Wed Feb 16th at 9:45AM, project “Frothy” was conceived, 24 hours later “Frothy” was complete and deemed a success.

Zipwhip’s CEO, John Lauer, was invited to speak on the conference panel, How to get your story in the press, moderated by John Cook of Geekwire. Although John had no shortage of past PR stunts to share with the audience, he wanted to make a splash at the conference that was both relevant to the panel, and fun. It was time for the world to start hearing about Zipwhip TextSpresso, which is slotted to launch on Monday, March 5th, 2012.

In short, Zipwhip TextPresso is a top of the line Jura Impressa XS90 (from that was stripped down and rejiggered to work with lots of moving parts imported from all around the world to deliver a perfectly rich and frothy TextSpresso, just the way you like it. In other words, you text in your order to the Zipwhip TextSpresso machine from wherever you are so that your morning latte is waiting for you at Zipwhip headquarters. And it just so happens to have your name and phone number printed on the top of the froth with edible inks- a little extra sizzle for the homies.

To our knowledge, there is no text enabled espresso machine anywhere in the world, which makes Zipwhip TextSpresso special and worth sharing with others. I can assure you that it’s worthy of experiencing for yourself, and that’s exactly what project “Frothy” set out to do. We extended an exclusive invite to all attendees of the conference by handing out a promotional greeting card as they arrived inviting them to text the word “frothy” to phone number 206 631 9536. Each participant received a one year subscription to perfectly rich and frothy TextSpresso from Zipwhip. From the amount of people I saw texting the word frothy, I’m confident that we’ll be seeing some new faces around the TextSpresso machine during the morning commute. In fact, we might end up needing to make the warming tray larger.

In closing, TextSpresso is completely absurd, potentially really stupid, but holy crap is it a lot of fun. For that reason alone, it was worth all the effort and it got the Co-founder of Geekwire, John Cook, to publicly say that’s the type of story he wants to write about.


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