Does Cupid Text Message Too?


Gone are the days of sending those artfully hand-scripted love notes to the ones you love. No more perfectly drawn hearts, or envelopes sealed with a kiss. It seems that nowadays, we’re just as happy to send a mushy text.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, I’ll blame it on my dinner for 1 last night. Before you cry foul though, my nostalgia has some merit. The eggheads over at business insider report that text messaging spiked about 31% on Valentine’s Day in 2011, coming in just behind Christmas Day when compared with a control day. Love = Texting! I guess we better change the tone now, think positive, and assume everyone was so busy buying chocolate that there was no time left for cursive.  How sweet of them. I have to admit, nothing says “I Love You” in 2012 like a pulsing red emoticon heart and some C U 2nite’s sent from your Android. Wink.

It turns out we were using our phones for a lot more than texting in the week leading up to Valentine’s day, as well. TechCrunch posted that from Feb. 7th – 14th, national chain restaurant searches online jumped significantly, with smartphone queries outpacing those from tablet and desktop devices. Who says that romance is dead? Thanks to our brainy phones, there were plenty of happy couples leaving Outback and Chili’s last night, with love alive and well!

At the office, we enjoy looking at data and visualizing trends. When holidays come around, it seems clear that we lean on technology to help us pick up the slack and increase convenience in our lives. Nothing gets you the stink eye from your significant other like a botched reservation or spaced date, so we text and Google search until we’ve figured something out! Perfect.

With texting getting more and more popular, we all have our reasons for increased usage. In the Zipwhip office, the enabler is “discretionary texting.” See, we’ve taken text messaging to the cloud, so when our CEO walks in, it looks like we’re working on spreadsheets, when we’re actually sending texts (Shhh!) with our own mobile number. It may be time for a texting intervention here at HQ. Tell us why texting from a desktop or tablet makes your day easier. Your secret’s safe with us!

One thought

  1. It isn’t anything imntaorpt. Some phones have an option that some of their messages will always be marked as high priority, which just means that they will alert you more and they are supposed to be urgent. But if they text you all the time with it on then they probably just have it on. It isn’t bad for your phone, it is normal for all phones. You can make a message high priority yourself by going to the options when you are typing a message, and there should be a menu option for high priority.

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