October 10, 2013

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Zipwhip Partners With Custom Toll Free

Zipwhip Partners With Custom Toll Free


Custom Toll Free is one of the leaders in providing businesses of any size a vanity toll free number. Michael Evans, CEO of Custom Toll Free, saw the opportunity to provide a value add to his customers of all sizes and lead the charge to make it happen. One of the drivers behind offering texting to their toll free customers was leveraging the name power of a vanity toll free number and the increase in people preferring to text vs. call.

When texting is used in advertising campaigns now customers can call or text. Now there is only one number to remember and that results in better leads, more sales and improved tracking of prospects. It’s a game changer for Custom Toll Free and their customers and Zipwhip is proud to play a part.

You can read the Custom Toll Free press release announcing our new partnership here.


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