November 1, 2012

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Zipwhip's Windows 8 App

Zipwhip's Windows 8 App

The Windows 8 App Store is the first of its kind for Microsoft. It's brand new, and as of this week we officially became part of it. As a company we felt it was extremely important to get into the store as soon as possible to ensure visibility and solid placement. Being available to early adopters with our app near the top of the Social category was a key part of our strategy.

Your homework has to be done before submitting an app to the Windows 8 store. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world and their app store application process reflects that (lots of rules!). To ensure that we were accepted in a timely fashion we went native so to speak. We wanted our user interface to completely mimic the "Metro" style design of this new operating system. Tiles, notifications, and touch gestures? Check. Pin-to-start functionality? Check. The ability to share incoming MMS to SkyDrive, email, and other apps? Checkmate. These features make our app feel tailor-made for Windows 8. They're also driving our ranking and installs up.

Like it or not, Windows 8 is going to be huge! With over 80% of the operating system market locked down ( millions of users are going to be flooding the store looking for apps that will benefit their lives. Being at the front of the class in this marketplace helps ensure our app will get the market recognition it deserves. Data shows that a majority of Android users use the Windows OS on their computers, which makes our total available market gigantic. All you need to use this app is an Android powered smartphone with an SMS plan. You don't need a Windows phone. I repeat, you do not need a Windows phone.

So go be the first kid on the block with this new app and let us know what you think. Our VP of Product, Anthony Riemma, took a minute out of his day to give a quick overview of the app in the above video. Thanks Anthony!

In addition to the video, there are a few screenshots below so you can see what our app looks like in it's new home. We're thrilled to be part of the Windows family! Microsoft - you done good :)

Windows 8 log-in screen.


Zipwhip running inside Windows 8

Zipwhip's placement inside the Social category of the app store (2 of 87)



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