August 7, 2012

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Linux Desktop App

Linux Desktop App


Zipwhip's cloud texting lets you send & receive text messages from your computer using your main mobile number. Cloud texting. Pure and simple.

We're happy to announce that our Linux desktop app is ready for download! This project was a full-on team effort complete with all the difficulties of a Linux build, so the launch comes with an especially big sigh of relief. As I mentioned in the video, Zipwhip is a Linux-based platform and there was no chance of us not supporting our beloved desktop app for the Linux OS. Saying that, we're waiting with open arms for all your feedback and hope that together we can make this app even more powerful in the coming months. For now, please go to the Zipwhip homepage to download the app. Thanks for your support.


Zipwhip is out to make every phone number textable. We've added texting where you least expect it, from office telephones to espresso machines and even Santa's workshop.

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