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Zipwhip Now Powering Santa’s Toll Free Texting Hotline – 844 YO SANTA (967-2682)


Yes, it’s true—Santa Claus has officially text enabled his wish list hotline this Christmas season. With historically low numbers of handwritten letters showing up at the North Pole, he knew he had to do something different. It was clear that kids are texting and that Zipwhip was the high throughput service provider that could support the volume of wish list texts he expected to roll in. Without hesitation, our team was ready to assist him in his quest to lift the Christmas Spirit this holiday season.

First Google AdWords “Text Us Now” Campaign Generates 265% Increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Over Calling


     GeoMoment, a Zipwhip partner focused on digital strategy and engagement, recently launched their new SMSAD offering to unite online advertising tools like Google Adwords with Zipwhip’s landline and toll free texting platform. The end result is an offering that enables consumers to click on a Text Us Now link to seamlessly kick off a conversation with an actual representative from the advertising business, all on theirexisting business sales lines. In the first 60 days of trial, GeoMoment and their customer Warren Henry Automotive Group reported a 265% increase in click-through-rates on AdWords when changing the call-to-action from placing a phone call to sending a pre-canned message to text with a dealership representative. Furthermore, GeoMoment reported a 400-500% increase on traditional non-AdWords banner ads when adding the call-to-action for texting.

What Is Cloud Texting?


In 2009, Zipwhip became the first cloud texting company to bring SMS from personal mobile numbers to the user’s desktop. Since the first text that traversed through our cloud servers, one question has been continually asked: “What is cloud texting?” The term has become such a buzzword, it’s crossed over into mainstream vernacular with HBO sitcoms and a raunchy comedy movie trailer mocking it as tech-sophisicated jargon that no one really understands. Well, the concept isn’t as complicated as people think. Cloud computing services give you the convenience of accessing your content across any device. If you use Gmail or Facebook on your phone or tablet, you are using cloud computing. Zipwhip is cloud texting. 

Zipwhip Picture Messaging

There’s been a lot going on recently at Zipwhip, (if you haven’t read our recent press releases about Beasley and OpenMarket, do so here) and we didn’t want to forget to announce an exciting new feature. Zipwhip recently released MMS capability for our customers. Business and Enterprise customers can send and receive pictures using their landline and toll free phone numbers with our cloud-based web app. Picture messaging opens up a world of opportunities for companies. This feature is just as convenient and immediate as texting, but it delivers a much more engaging message and can help to improve processes.

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