Zipwhip Improves Responsiveness for Insurance Agents


“We all have a lot of phone numbers in our lives and I do not  need another phone number.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Mathew D. Wyatt, a Farmers Insurance agent in Shoreline, WA, sums up pretty well what we’ve all been thinking. Mathew started using Zipwhip in January for his office and hasn’t looked back since.

Before using Zipwhip, he was restricted to playing phone and email tag with his clients. He’d call just to end up leaving a voice mail. He felt  that there had to be a better way to communicate. Mathew was worried about his “clunky phone system” rendering his operations out of date. Luckily for Mathew, Zipwhip works with your phone system no matter how clunky.

He shared with us how our service has improved his business in the above video.

Text me: SMS Still Crushing it after 20 Years (Guest Blog on SCN)

We’re happy to share a guest post our CEO, John Lauer, wrote for SAP Community Network.


“There has been a lot of attention lately on new “over-the-top” messaging platforms and how those apps are giving traditional SMS a run for its money. The OTT fans point to the uniqueness of the applications and how innovative they are: They let users sign in with a name instead of a number. They facilitate group messaging. They let you play interactive games with and send photos to your friends.”

Read the post here.

New Press Release: Zipwhip is Transforming Customer Service for the National Restaurant Association


Zipwhip is proud to announce that we are working with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to improve customer support for its 40,000+ members.

The NRA reported an 80% decrease in the number of voicemails in the first 90 days of using the service. Additionally, they are now seeing an average 10% of members now choosing texting to the NRA’s Toll Free number as the most preferred communication for support related issues.

A recent survey of NRA members showed an approval rating of 4.9 out of 5 for the Zipwhip toll free texting service. We’ve seen improvements to customer service attributable to various different factors, including:

  • Shorter hold time
  • Reduced call abandonment
  • Multiple support representatives can log in to view text conversations in real time
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and engagement

Learn more about the benefits Zipwhip provides by reading our press release.

A Farewell to Movember

We braved the stares. We iced the itch. We brought shame to our wives. And we loved every minute of it.

We present to you, Zipwhip’s tribute to Movember.

Learn more about supporting the fight against prostate and testicular cancer:

Zipwhip in Wireless Week


Our friends at Wireless Week wrote a piece about Zipwhip’s Landline and Toll Free SMS services. We love that people are getting just as excited about what we do and what we have to offer as we are!

The article does a great job telling the story of how Zipwhip boldly went were no text carrier had gone before. How we saw the opportunity, navigated through policy issues, and ultimately still work to be the best text carrier out there. It also touches on what a lot of people don’t know about us. We actually spend a portion of our efforts on policy building and working with the CTIA. It’s an important part of our job that lets us do what we do most responsibly.

Take a more in-depth look here.

Why Your Business Should Be Texting

General Infographic

Zipwhip Partners With Custom Toll Free


Custom Toll Free is one of the leaders in providing businesses of any size a vanity toll free number.  Michael Evans, CEO of Custom Toll Free, saw the opportunity to provide a value add to his customers of all sizes and lead the charge to make it happen. One of the drivers behind offering texting to their toll free customers was leveraging the name power of a vanity toll free number and the increase in people preferring to text vs. call. 

When texting is used in advertising campaigns now customers can call or text.  Now there is only one number to remember and that results in better leads, more sales and improved tracking of prospects.  It’s a game changer for Custom Toll Free and their customers and Zipwhip is proud to play a part.

You can read the Custom Toll Free press release announcing our new partnership here.

Zipwhip is Now a RespOrg!

Resp Org BLog

After being hard at work studying for hours on end, Zipwhip is now a certified Responsible Organization (RespOrg) with the SMS/800 Number Administration Committee (SNAC). The SNAC (or SNAC Attack as we affectionately refer to it at the office) is the governing body that keeps an eye on industry standards and SMS/800 database for the Toll Free Industry.

Needless to say, we’re really excited to join the approximately 450 other RespOrgs out there. This exclusive membership allows Zipwhip to confirm the working status and legitimacy of toll free numbers. With access to the all important SMS/800 database, we get to know when the status of a number changes and also partake in better transparency among the RespOrg community.

For more info, click here.

College Radio Day Contest

Much to the disappointment of our interns, summer is officially over and school is back in session. Fortunately, the beginning of the school year means that many of the best radio stations across the country will also be returning to the air. Zipwhip has teamed up with four prominent college radio stations in the last couple weeks: University of Connecticut, Brown University, Michigan State, and Truman State University. Many more stations are currently trialing our service and should be on-board soon, ready to accept your texts on their existing request and office lines.

college contest Wed  post

Zipwhip wants to hear from you, the listener, about your favorite station How? In conjuction with College Radio Day (October 1st) we are throwing the first ever Zipwhip College Radio Giveaway, where one station and one listener will win cool prizes. The college radio station with the most nominations will win one year of free service. One randomly selected entrant will receive a Zipwhip swag package that includes a $20 Starbucks gift card (Always helpful when finals roll around), a T-shirt, and stickers.

Click here to enter ( or go directly to the Zipwhip Facebook page where the contest is hosted. Like the page if you haven’t already, then enter the station’s call letters and their respective college (i.e. “KEXP at the University of Washington”) below the entry form. That’s it. We will announce the winner of the contest on Monday, October 1st at 5pm PST. We will alert everyone once a winner has been chosen. Now that’s not a bad way to start “Rock-tober” (I’m sorry, but I had to make that joke).

Get voting and good luck.

Zipwhip’s Call Notification Feature


It makes sense, really. We already allow you to send and receive messages from the web. Now, you can also see when someone is calling you. If you miss a phone call, no sweat. You will be notified on your desktop or tablet via a text message. Call or text, Zipwhip now has you covered thanks to our desktop app and some hack-a-day ingenuity.

We’ve been considering the feature for a while but it hasn’t been a priority on our product roadmap. What took it to production was a marathon session by one of our senior engineers during our once monthly hacking sessions, when all employees are encouraged to work on a project of their choice that will improve our service. All desktop app users will notice that this feature has been integrated.

Check out the 16 second video above to see how the service works. We think you’ll like it. Ready to sign up for our service? Head to

The Zipwhip Hackers


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