April 21, 2016

Fonality Provides Customers Integrated Zipwhip Business Texting Option

Fonality , the innovative provider of business phone systems and integrated communication solutions,  is the latest provider to offer Zipwhip texting as a part of their service. Fonality’s Zipwhip integration is another step towards streamlining enterprise communication and enhancing relationships with their customers.
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April 19, 2016

Even Faster Texting With Zipwhip Chrome Extension

Zipwhip wants to provide you with the smoothest, most seamless texting experience possible. That’s why we created a Chrome Extension. Now, Zipwhip users can text mobile phone numbers on any webpage without needing to log into the web app. That’s one less step between you and your customers.

Customers testing the beta version have found tremendous value in it's convenience and simplicity. Doug Smith, Owner of Fast Fix Jewelry & Watch Repair, says:


"We started using the Chrome Extension because it actually hooks into our POS system. You click a button, a screen pops up, and all the sudden you're Zipwhipping the customer. The response from our employees is, 'This is so cool!'"

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April 8, 2016

Frontier Texting powered by Zipwhip Named Best in Class

A win for Frontier is a win for Zipwhip! Frontier Texting , a business texting service powered by Zipwhip, received the Best in Class Marketing award by the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) for “teams and companies that demonstrate innovation or excellence in marketing broadband services.” 
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March 31, 2016

Texting Makes Transgender Voices Heard

Today, March 31st, is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Recognizing that marginalized people are empowered by visibility and awareness, Zipwhip supports the LGBTQ community. Last year, we donated our software to the #transneeds Listening Campaign, hoping to provide participants with agency and voice through texting.
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Zipwhip is out to make every phone number textable. We've added texting where you least expect it, from office telephones to espresso machines and even Santa's workshop.

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