Zipwhip Highlights from CTIA 2014


Another exciting CTIA Super Mobility Week is in the books. The event is the nation’s largest forum for mobile innovation where industry leaders discuss the latest mobility trends today with industry peers. Zipwhip was honored to attend and display our own innovations with other wireless industry movers and shakers. With three days full of meetings, two Textpressos, and even a photo booth, there was no shortage of excitement.

The show really kicked into gear Tuesday afternoon after John Lauer, Zipwhip CEO, gave a speech entitled “Why the Phone Number is not Dead.” John outlined his top ten reasons why the phone number as we know it is still a vital tool for the mobile ecosystem to leverage for years to come.

In addition to the Lauer’s discussion, Zipwhip was excited to debut Sprint hard goods mobile payment method. After refitting one of the Textpressos, Sprint mobile subscribers and CTIA attendees were encouraged to text the text enabled expresso machine’s toll free number to buy a coffee that would then be charged to their monthly phone bill. Payment via text message is an industry first for a US wireless operator. Sprint is now working towards enabling all their post paid subscribers to purchase hard goods, like a carryout order or morning beverage, and have that purchase added to a separate section of their monthly phone bill.

Zipwhip also demonstrated MMS over Verizon network for toll-free with an interactive photo booth. The Zipwhip team unveiled this announcement Tuesday night at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan where photo booth pics were sent from the photo booth’s landline phone number to the recipient’s mobile phone number. The party proved to be one of the best attended at the conference as Zipwhip  mingled with industry leaders and even celebrated a little bit ourselves.

Zipwhip celebrates Seafair in style


At the beginning of  the month, the Zipwhip team was honored  with an invitation to a Sunday Seafair party by noted friend of Zipwhip, Jay Westerdal.

Jay, Icy, and their adorable daughter Coral welcomed members of the Zipwhip team, their family, and friends to their lovely home, complete with tiki bar, on Mercer Island.

While the Eastside employees braved traffic on I-90, the Seattle-based employees arraigned other transportation. Head of Sales and Business Development, Lucas Price, was kind enough to ferry the Westsiders and a delicious spread from Ohana Restaurant in Belltown on his boat from West Lake Union to the Westerdal’s welcoming abode. The Zipwhip team ate, drank, and mingled, celebrating a summer of hard fought successes.  Our gracious hosts and their adorable new daughter set a celebratory and relaxed tone that everyone enjoyed even more than the front row seats for the Blue Angels.

After swimming, swilling, sunning, and sufficient time on the water trampoline, the sated Zipwhip crew assembled the troops and took the boat across Lake Washington back to Seattle.

Seeking room to grow, Zipwhip moves to Belltown

What a whirlwind month it’s been. With the successful release of Frontier Texting on July 1st, we’ve been able to shift our focus to the next priority: our big move to a new office space. After nearly five years in Lower Queen Anne, the old office was positively bursting at the seams. Even the closet was pulling double duty to house two sales people. Zipwhip was running out of space for our rapidly growing sales team, and it was time for an upgrade.

After a mildly manic month of planning by our dedicated moving maven, Felicia, the Zipwhip team made the move to our new offices at the Fourth and Battery building last Tuesday. Though the move went off without a hitch, unpacking has been a more arduous process. With the carpet laid and our desks assembled, the Zipwhip team has spent the last week settling into the south-west corner of the sixth floor.

“We love the Belltown neighborhood  and our techy new neighbors like Popcap.” says Zipwhip’s CEO, John Lauer. “The consistent month-over-month growth of our landline and toll free texting business is what’s driving the move. We’re continuing to hire sales people just to keep up with rising demand.”  The new space represents the results of a focused vision, and a very committed team of awesome people.

Dedicated moving maven, Felicia, taking a break on moving day:

felicia moving

New office building at 4th and Battery:

offic building


Zipwhip polishes crisdental’s patient communication



In customer communications, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Dr. Michael Bratland, a dentist and owner of crisdental, a practice with five locations in Oregon, has been looking for ways to better contact and engage his practice’s large customer base. With multiple offices that each see 30-40 patients a day, the time spent making routine appointment confirmation phone calls and the subsequent phone tag was adding up. “Ever since I started my dental office, I knew it was inefficient to communicate just by calling patients.”

By text enabling his landline with Zipwhip, the Crisdental staff was able to integrate texting into their everyday workflow. It was important for Dr. Bratland to “use the number I have now and allow patients to text.” One thing that surprised Bratland, was that once patients learned they could text the number, “then they would start to ask about bills, and setting their next appointment. It just has become very efficient.”

Crisdental has unlocked the personal, immediate, convenient, and personal medium of Zipwhip peer-to-peer business texting. By allowing patients to communicate via text, Crisdental has been able to avoid cancellations and also fill cancelled appointments more effectively than with voice service alone. Bratland sums up the ease and efficiency of integrating business texting when he shares “my staff loves Zipwhip, it has made their lives so much easier.”


Frontier Texting Release Generates Industry Buzz

logo (1)

What a few weeks it’s been here at Zipwhip. When Frontier Texting officially launched last Monday, we waited for the stories to drop. The hard work was done.

James Lapic, VP of Dev Ops, was the first to congratulate in a company-wide email. “Many of you picked up things that are not within your normal realm. The team came together do whatever was needed for Zipwhip to not only deliver on time and within budget, but also to buff it to a shine in the process.  It’s a product that we should all be incredibly proud of.”

The Wall Street Journal and their blog Market Watch were among the wire services to pick up the jointly issued press release. With a significant customer base in Frontier’s regional markets like Connecticut, Upstate New York, and West Virginia, local outlets were keen to pick a story about a large regional carrier’s latest innovation. The tech and wireless communities also picked up on the story with features in Wireless Week,  Giga-om, and Light Reading.

“The successful marketing effort really hit home when both The Seattle Times and Geek Wire both published articles,” says John Larson, CMO of Zipwhip, “And though the US Men’s soccer team lost, with the fourth of July and a new partnership with Frontier, there has plenty to celebrate at Zipwhip, Inc.”



Zipwhip Hastens Placement with Mobile Recruiting

Dean Da Costa, a respected industry commentator, gives an excellent breakdown on the growth of mobile usage in the recruiting realm. Recruiting agencies increasingly rely on the highly personal connection texting affords to bolster relationships with job candidates. Da Costa charts the effective strategy of “leveraging mobile technologies without actually using a mobile device.”

By text enabling their existing landlines, recruiters expand the communication possibilities of pre-existing and underutilized phone numbers. Da Costa also provides insight into how Zipwhip’s open API can be implemented to “track text-based mobile recruiting campaigns and engagement records directly into the candidate or requisition records of most applicant tracking and CRM systems.”

Check out the rest of Dean’s great article here.

A Zipwhip Tune-Up for Car Dealerships



When it comes to automotive retail, there’s no place like “car-happy” Southern California. There’s no better place to buy, or sell, a fancy new set of wheels.

The Mercedes-Benz of Encino finds huge value in being the auto dealership that’s been there selling and servicing cars for 50+ years. They are established, and at the same time nimble and willing to adapt to modern technology. We applaud them for realizing that times have changed, and that the best way to reach clients, customers, or anyone in general is to start texting them.

These days people don’t stop staring at their tiny mobile devices, so it’s smart to reach them there. In doing just this through Zipwhip, Carl Rempel of Mercedes-Benz of Encino explains some of the unexpected benefits of business texting. You can learn about those benefits and read the full article here.

Zipwhip Improves Responsiveness for Insurance Agents


“We all have a lot of phone numbers in our lives and I do not  need another phone number.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Mathew D. Wyatt, a Farmers Insurance agent in Shoreline, WA, sums up pretty well what we’ve all been thinking. Mathew started using Zipwhip in January for his office and hasn’t looked back since.

Before using Zipwhip, he was restricted to playing phone and email tag with his clients. He’d call just to end up leaving a voice mail. He felt  that there had to be a better way to communicate. Mathew was worried about his “clunky phone system” rendering his operations out of date. Luckily for Mathew, Zipwhip works with your phone system no matter how clunky.

He shared with us how our service has improved his business in the above video.

Text me: SMS Still Crushing it after 20 Years (Guest Blog on SCN)

We’re happy to share a guest post our CEO, John Lauer, wrote for SAP Community Network.


“There has been a lot of attention lately on new “over-the-top” messaging platforms and how those apps are giving traditional SMS a run for its money. The OTT fans point to the uniqueness of the applications and how innovative they are: They let users sign in with a name instead of a number. They facilitate group messaging. They let you play interactive games with and send photos to your friends.”

Read the post here.

New Press Release: Zipwhip is Transforming Customer Service for the National Restaurant Association


Zipwhip is proud to announce that we are working with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to improve customer support for its 40,000+ members.

The NRA reported an 80% decrease in the number of voicemails in the first 90 days of using the service. Additionally, they are now seeing an average 10% of members now choosing texting to the NRA’s Toll Free number as the most preferred communication for support related issues.

A recent survey of NRA members showed an approval rating of 4.9 out of 5 for the Zipwhip toll free texting service. We’ve seen improvements to customer service attributable to various different factors, including:

  • Shorter hold time
  • Reduced call abandonment
  • Multiple support representatives can log in to view text conversations in real time
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and engagement

Learn more about the benefits Zipwhip provides by reading our press release.


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